Busy Gila Babi

I woke up today and I still hoping that Arsenal’s defeat in Champion’s League is just another bad dream and apparently I’m not. When the Gunners beat AC Milan on their home grown, I also can’t believe that it was real…I just imagine that it was a dream, the best dream that might happen to me and I want to be in the dream for as long as I could. But the glory ended yesterday but it was worth the while.

Speaking of which, I got a few more Sufiah’s pics for your eye pleasure. Definitely worth to take a peek. Heck, if I own Playboy..I would take Sufiah for the Play Girl of the month. Seriously !!

Click here for more pics of her ===> News Of the World

More on pictures, I was browsing a few other blogs and stumbled upon this picture. What the hell is wrong with these guys. OK..you want to protest about the pig farm…please do. It’s all about democracy right. But do you need to go this extreme with the banner. Talk about Malays and their tradition and grace. Should they really go for this extreme… Cut the crap. Did they get paid for this too? Seriously. If they only read about this on Utusan Meloya..then they’re the stupid people who should be in the banner.

Gila Babi

p/s : I’m so fucked up with the pictures. Looking at the banner, I remembered the banners on Theresa Kok during the last election. I bet it’s the same person who draws the cartoon.