Don’t smoke when you’re sleepy

Most people some when they’re sleepy. Heck I always light my cigarette when I’m feeling sleepy while driving a long journey. But in this case..this guy slept while smoking and resulted in serious burn. The Star reported this.

MUAR: A man suffered a 75% burn after he was believed to have fallen asleep on a mattress while smoking in his living room.

Construction worker Soh Lip Tah, 32, was rushed to the Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital by his elder brother after being informed of the 10am incident yesterday.

According to neighbours, some Indonesian workers saw smoke spewing from Soh’s home and broke open the house door to help put out the fire.

The workers were surprised when they saw Soh lying unconscious on a burning mattress and pulled him out of the house.

His brother, who lives nearby, arrived and rushed him to the hospital.

A hospital spokesman said the burn was serious and that Soh would be sent to a specialist hospital in Kuala Lumpur for treatment.