Hard luck boys and UITM website “defaced” ?

Manchester United defeated Arsenal in a thrilling 2-1 victory last night. There’s goes Arsenal’s season. All hopes are lost for this season. No more trophies to be added to Arsene’s collection this season. Mathematically, Arasenal is out of the Premier League competition unless Manchester and Chelsea slipped up big time which is unlikely or should I say pretty impossible. We sure are the hard luck boys. Maybe next season the lady luck will smile upon us in the times we desperately need it. Even Arsene Wenger has admitted the trophy is out of the Gunner’s hands this season. Read it here. I don’t want to talk more about it. It really hard for me to accept and write this on the blog, but someone has to do it anyway.

You can check the video here

On the other hand, I was reading Sysadmin’s blog and found out that UITM website has been defaced. More likely it was a DNS cache poisoning since it’s pointing to another web hosting in US. It shouldn’t be hard to check who’s the one that’s renting the space unless it was hacked too or registered under false information.

Just go to www.uitm.edu.my and you can see it for yourself. It shouldn’t be up for at least another day I suppose. Updating the DNS to point to the right address usually took a day. I’ll put a screenshot just in case you guys missed it.

UITM website hacked

That’s it for today guys…happy Monday…I’m expecting my boss from Houston today..he’s going to be in Malaysia to train me on Checkpoint firewalls and shit. Wish me luck guys…