Job Jokes

Briefly about job. My job scope is mainly managing and maintaining Checkpoint firewalls at the moment and I used to be monitoring links for my company which includes Cisco and Huawei devices. We mainly worked on leased line, VPN, VSATs for rigs, platforms and remote sites.

So when a link is down, you need to ask the site contact to check the cabling and stuff. As the link is down and no network connection available, so the users cannot access email or report the complaint online. So the only way is to contact them using their mobile phone since office lines is based on Cisco VOIP which unfortunately also needs network connectivity. So here the funny goes….an email from the site contact which having an issue on the connectivity.

We are having work carried out on the VSAT antennae at the moment – techs are onboard.
There may be short outages for the next couple of days.

By the way … sending an email to tell me that our VSAT has an outage is not the most logical thing to do: VSAT down = no email.