The Red Devils, The Blues & taik idung

So it’s Manchester United vs Chelsea in the final Champs League. Chelsea beat Liverpool 3-2 in an fast pace game. Earlier I predicted a 2-1  win for Chelsea against Liverpool but what the heck, they’re going through anyway. Should be a 4-2 win but Essien’s goal disallowed because of offside which I highly doubt it. Anyways, the result is final. See you guys in Moscow.

On another note, here’s something to share with you guys.

I don’t want to translate the whole thing but I think most of my blog readers can read Malay right. So there’s nothing to waste here. Maybe when the food price is too much to bear, maybe somebody might sell this “food” at nearby supermarket or food stall…maybe they even come up with a special dish with “tahi hidung” as the main ingredient..who knows right ??