Pak Lah’s blog a fraud ? RPK breakfast surprise

Yesterday I wrote about Che Det’s blog and yet to authenticate the blog whether it’s genuine or a fraud. Today when I went to No2Umno’s blog, I found out that Pak Lah’s also opened a blog. So what the heck, I checked it out.

The layout is similar to Che Det’s blog and what do you seems like it a copy of Che Det’s blog. I don’t want to write more on this because i think it’s a waste of time, so let this 2 screenshots tell you what I mean.

Persoalan minda aku : adakah blog Che Det pon fraud jugak ?? Mungkin tidak pasal kat MM ada link utk ke website Che Det… most likely…website tuh genuine….oh yeah

Btw, RPK baru dibawa ke Bukit Aman..utk info lebih terkini.. sila pegi lawat bro Rocky atau MSOMelayu atau No2Umno