Where’s Sharlinie and Asmawi? Our Police sucks ?

I just read my darling’s blog latest post about Sharlinie and Asmawi. Sharlinie went missing on Jan 9th and Asmawi is on March 9th. Read more on her blog here.

Nurin (peace be upon her)was reported missing on 20th August 2007 and it’s like 2 months after that, Sharlinie went missing and followed after that was Asmawi. From what I can see, there’s like an approximately 2 months gap from each case.

Today is 6th May and soon it will be 2 months after Asmawi went missing. Will there be something happening during the next few days? I hope not.

Meanwhile, Nurin’s uncle still actively blogging in his blog “In memory of Nurin Jazlin”. Generally he’s still blogging about the crime cases in Malaysia. Please pay him a visit and show your support for him.

Nurinalert.org is founded on Nurin’s case. I hope the site will help in preventing such cases and capturing the killer(s). I’ll pray that whoever did this to Nurin will get death punishment as soon as possible so that he can face the eternal agony from God in the afterlife.

Well police is busy at the moment dealing with RPK and other bloggers after they stopped a while and concentrating on things on the last election. It seems that our police is really good at politics and robbery cases like the one in KLIA last month, it makes me wonder…. is our police force really sucks at handling child cases or the killer(s) are too damn good to be catch by them? Let’s all ponder about it.

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