Back In Hometown

It’s been a few days since I last updated the blog. I was back in my hometown in Pasir Mas after a few months (If I’m correct, it’s been 6 months since I last been here). Anyways, I just got my Streamyx running at home. Splashed RM220 to get a new D-Link ADSL modem with wireless. Forgot what model it is. But it’s pretty good with the wireless coverage. I can cover the whole house (2-storey banglo)..even in the toilet (although I yet to do anything with my laptop in it…).

I’ll make some time to update the blog with my days here. I’ll take you virtually for a tour in my favourite places in Pasir Mas as well as a little coverage on Rantau Panjang.. :XO::XO:. Yeah I know a lot of you guys have heard of Rantau Panjang, so I’ll add it as my post soon.

But as for now, I will put up the answer for my last question dated back on 2nd of June 2008. Yeah I know it’s quite old skool now but I don’t have the time to put it up. You can still get the post here

Well..anyways, congrats to Noktah Hitam because he did get the answer right. He must have gotten this email earlier than me…shit…

sing happy bday and the lion will blow the candle. yes?


Yes Eddie, you’re absolutely can claim your prize later. The prize is… I’ll spend some time to accompany you for the “future” superbike survey ….:kiss: