Charice Pempengco

Got this new scary shit from my sister..She’s really into Asian stuff..movies, tv shows, drama..either it’s Korean, japanase, local stuff or even name it..she’s probably ever heard of it. And she’s crazy about Nubhan from AF6 too at the moment.

So this Charice Pempengco…is a 15 years old singer from Philippines…i’ll let you judge what a 15 years old girl can do with her singing..I bet she will knock Stacy out of AF6 too…

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Surprised.. amazed ?? Read more about her on Wikipedia

  • callister

    wah!! is she really 15?

  • am..boi.trod masok blog nih.hehe

  • WOW. nafas die sangat panjang!

  • brickfields

    she is one of the best singer in the world right now!