Drug case : Same Old Shit Different Day

I just read Berita Harian and found out the latest news on one of the minister’s brother has been accused of possessing and distributing drugs last year. I wasn’t really paying attention to the news about this case but today I just want to share my 2 cents on this issue. First of all…this is the snippet of the news that I took from Berita Harian…

Jusnaidi Omar

Adik menteri tidak tahu dadah di dalam begnya

oleh Suzianah Jiffar

KOTA KINABALU: Adik seorang menteri Kabinet Persekutuan yang menghadapi tuduhan mengedar dan memiliki dadah tahun lalu, mendakwa tidak mengetahui bagaimana dadah jenis syabu dan ganja yang ditemui dalam beg hitamnya dan bukan sekilo sarang burung ketika ditahan di Terminal Dua Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kota Kinabalu (KKIA) pada 20 Mei 2007.

Mohd Jusnaidi Omar 36, yang diarah membela diri bagi tuduhan itu, turut memberitahu Mahkamah Tinggi di sini hari ini, bahawa isteri keduanya, Nurul Asyikin Omar, 32, mungkin tersalah mengambil kotak ketika berkemas kerana mendakwa sepupu isterinya, Ella dan teman lelakinya yang tinggal bersama mereka di Shah Alam, terbabit dalam penagihan dadah.

Full news is at Berita Harian

We’ve seen a lot of drugs cases lately. Raja Munirah in Japan, Siti Aishah in China and Ringgo of Fotograf in Venezuela. Not sure how many other cases that I missed out, but I’m putting my little interest in this case because I’m considering it as “a high profile case” because it involves someone from the ministry.

First of all, is it because this case involves a high profile guy in the cabinet, the media has to censor the minister’s name from the paper. Is this to avoid shame to the minister himself? Seriously…I don’t think the media should just mention it as “brother of a minister” . Why can they publish the name? This is a fact and it’s not a fantasy or legend and I think this is what media supposed to report. Did they want to avoid what Raja Petra had to suffer when he was charged under the Sedation Act. I don’t think Malaysian people are quick to judge if there’s a bad egg in a basket..then all the eggs in the basket is bad too. I think Malaysians can think and act better than that right? :!:

Anyways, I think all the people already knows the answer to the question “Who is the minister whom his brother has been charged for a drug case”. As for me, I like to do some digging for facts myself instead of relying solely on what other people write or publish in their blogs or sites.

So what I do is :

  1. Open up www.google.com
  2. Search for “Senarai Menteri Malaysia” and click any of the results that shows the complete list of the Malaysian Minister after GE2008. For instance, I took this link from MalaysiaKini.
  3. I’m using Firefox..so I just hit CTRL+F and find for “Omar”. This is because typical Malay name should have father’s name at the back. So I just got one instance for “Omar”.

There you have the name of the minister. It’s so simple as 1,2,3 :neutral:

Another point is he claimed that the cousin of his second wife live with them along with her boyfriend. I’m not sure if his wife’s cousin named Ella is a Muslim or not, but if she’s a Muslim..doesn’t that mean she’s performing khalwat or close proximity?

And better yet, he claimed that Ella and her boyfriend is using drugs and they lived in the same place as with the accused. As a responsible citizen, shouldn’t the accused make a police report about the illegal drug abuse that is in his knowledge? In fact, right under his nose. Can’t he take more responsibility in reporting the suspected drug abuse in his home to the police? Ever he heard of Rakan Cop? It’s a shame if the government put all their effort in promoting Rakan Cop but he’s not taking advantage of it.

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I think this quite a long post and it’s time for me to pen off. Thanks for reading and I hope this case will be judged accordingly and will not be forgotten as other high profile cases :vangry: