Filem P. Ramlee kutuk UMNO?

Maybe you guys have seen this clip somewhere or even on the movie but just never happened to realize it. I just post it again so that you guys can refresh this clip from which film :lol:

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Believe it now ?? I heard that P. Ramlee what anti-UMNO during his days but he didn’t speak up directly but he puts it in his film about his disagreement with UMNO. Maybe this is one of it !!!:vangry:

  • 😀 Brilliant!

  • hamzah

    LOL 😀

    Terima Kasih Abang P.Ramlee!

  • ali

    hairan …. yg baca tu memang buta huruf. ……. tapi yg buat filem tu tak buta huruf kan ? Maknanya ada maksud sindiran kat parti tu ….