Gay (Kops & Red Devil) soccer players

You guys ever wondered about gay soccer player? Well..i guess it’s your lucky day. I got some pictures of them. Gay’s or not…I’ll let you guys to decide. Let’s see..we got Rooney, Xabi Alonso and Gerrard in the spotlight. Not really know about others but there’s one SUPER GAY pic. :!:

For further reference, I’m not gay and I don’t despise gay. I got lotsa friend including gays, lesbians as well as trans. I like them since they’re all good friends and a good citizen with excellent attitude ( minus their personal interest and sex orientation). Please feel free to comment !! :grin:




Rooney wanna piece of gay action too



This is super gay !!



gay-kissing-9 this Gerrard and Xabi Alonso ??

No offense to Liverpool and Man United fans but there’s really no Arsenal player in the pics I got !! And maybe a little bit surprise, there’s no player from Chelsea too. What a disappointment !!