How much menteri besar gets per month ?

I’ve taken this article from Loke Siew Fook’s blog. Credit goes to him.

Do you know how much the Menteri Besar earns monthly?

I called a press conference in Seremban this afternoon to call on the Negeri Sembilan state government to cut down on allowances for the Menteri Besar and EXCO members as a sign of sharing the burden with the people after the huge increase in fuel prices. The PM and Cabinet Ministers had cut 10% of the their entertainment allowances and cap their yearly holiday to ASEAN destinations. This of course not sufficient given the lavish spending by those in power all this while. However, i want to focus on NS state government in this statement.

I call on the MB to cut at least 50% of his and other EXCO’s entertainment allowance and freeze all overseas paid holidays immediately. Do you know how much the MB of Negeri Sembilan earns every month and other perks given to him? Let me just give you a breakdown of his perks:

MB’s allowance : RM14,175.15
ADUN’s allowance: RM 4112.80
Entertainment : RM5,500
Chairman of EXCO: RM4,400

Fixed allowance every month : RM28,187.95

Other perks:

Appointment allowance : RM10,000 ?one-off)
Official residence
Furniture allowance : RM5,000 (yearly)
Household staff : real expenses or RM3000 monthly
Free water and electricity
Free telephine services in official residence
2 official car
Driver’s expenses all paid for

On top of that, the MB can enjoy a yearly paid holiday:

2 first class air ticket (no limitation to which destination)
(a first class ticket using MAS for KL-LONDON-KL cost RM30,400)
Economy class ticket for 1 officer and 3 children
Living allowance while overseas RM500 daily
Meal allowance RM300 daily or real expenses
Hotel (no limit, according to receipt)
Winter clothing RM3000 (once every 3 years)

For an EXCO, the monthly fixed allowance are around RM15,222. The exco member also enjoy a free holiday once in a term. The maximum is equal to 2 first class ticket for KL-LONDON-KL or RM30,000 cash.

Do you agree that the MB and the EXCO member should at least slash some the allowances by half to demonstrate “leadership by example”? If even the Ministers have to limit their holidays in ASEAN, why can’t the MB? Isn’t the slogan “Cuti-cuti Malaysia” sounds familiar to you? .

Damn…they got so much money for just serving as Menteri Besar…now I know why people wanted to be Menteri Besar so damn much….damn it !! :vangry: