Locals featured in Segamat sex videos

Got this news from the Star Online.

TWO sex video clips, believed to be of residents from two new villages near Segamat, are being widely circulated in the town, China Press reported.

Burned into VCDs, the first clip is entitled Newly Married Special Collection and shows a woman, believed to be a mother of two, performing oral sex on her husband before having intercourse.

The duo are believed to have taken the six-minute clip on their wedding day.

The second video clip entitled Local People III, involves a woman in her 20s which was recorded in a hotel room. The face of the man cannot be seen in the video.

Both clips are believed to have been recorded using mobile phones and some residents had burned the clips onto VCD.

Come on lah…how come la this type of videos can leak into the public? Lost their hand phone? Someone got a hand of their phone a bluetooth it to their handphone? Sent their phone to the shop and the repairman save the clip and distributed it to the public?

Whatever the reason is, the damage is done and they now face the consequences. Haven’t they thought about the event that might happen it the future? Yeah maybe they want to record it for “memories” or maybe even to “study” the intercourse, what can be improved in the future when they’re having the intercourse again but please laaaaa…..


and in case you’re wondering..i’m not serving any porns here, now and forever.. quite a disappointment eii ? :arrow: