New look, new hosting and new domain !!!

Welcome my new page. This is my first post on the new hosting and thanks again for the first 10k hits.

Still using WordPress but with my own hosting and a domain name. So far, I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome of the new hosting. I’ve also get a new theme for my blog and it’s not the standard WordPress theme. So expect more customization to this blog other later. Hopefully I have the time to do all this. After all I’m not a web developer like Noktah Hitam, he’s the guy you should contact for web designing and shit..not me…

So here goes the list of my changes…

  • Get a medium sized webhosting from Mercumaya with the sum of RM98 per year with free domain name registration. You can go to MercuMaya for more packages. They got RM30 domain name registration per year. That’s quite cheap for me..seriosuly !!
  • Registered as the main domain name and added life4hire and callister as the subdomain.
  • Installed WordPress and exported the old posts from to my new hosting. Not really a problem. Everything is good at the point.
  • Setup and configured other things such as ftp account, email accounts and wordpress plugins.
  • Get a new WP theme called Violator 1.1 from here
  • Changed the default Violator pic at the top right of the page to my own pic and shit.

I think that’s about it for the time. Not sure if I got anything else that I missed. And for the future upgrading list:

  • Get the custom emoticon pack from Noktah Hitam
  • Get a new comment system for the blog
  • Other stuff that I can think of later

I really appreciate comments and suggestion for the blog. If you want me to publish the steps on how to migrate, I’m more than happy to publish it to you guys. Thanks and happy reading