Update on Anwar’s Situation

It’s 6 .20 AM. I just got back from Shah Alam. I decided to go to Quality Hotel after reading Kickdefella’s update on thousands of people gathered at Quality Hotel Shah Alam where Anwar scheduled for a press conference later in the day.

Went out from my home with around 4 AM. Called Noktah Hitam to inform him about the news. Picked up my girlfriend from her house and we stopped at 7 Eleven to get some chocolates and some grub to start the journey. Armed with Sony Cybershot T2, we sped to Shah Alam and reached there around 4.20 AM.

Then we get into a minor problem. I don’t know where Quality Hotel exactly is. Googled it up using my good old w800i on GPRS and found the location. Circled around the town center and finally found the hotel.

The situation looked pretty normal in the early morning. So we parked the car and went to Syed Bistro which is located in front of the hotel. We picked our spot in besides the road and observed the situation. Definitely there was something going on there. There was some group in PKR’s shirt at Syed Bistro and I quietly listened to a conversation of a group besides my table. I couldn’t hear them very well but I could pick up some of their conversation. Definitely they were talking about the situation but I couldn’t get the details.

We sat for around an hour before decided to call it off. Everything seems pretty normal and not “thousands” of people around anymore. Not sure if they’re all in the hotel because I just observed from Syed. I went to the counter and saw one familiar face but I couldn’t remember who.

So i braced myself and asked him about the situation. He said that Anwar and wife is still at the hotel along with their lawyers.So far there’s still no arrest or news about police coming to pick him up but they’re preparing for the worst thing that might happen. So expect the press conference will still be on in the afternoon.

Btw, I didn’t take a lot of pictures except for proof I was there. Will upload it soon. I need to get some sleep now. Long day ahead !! :mad: