24 Core, 48GB RAM Linux Cluster Runs on 400W

DIY (Do It Yourself), cheap, yet powerful and power-efficient Fedora 8 Linux cluster  in an IKEA Helmer cabinet. What ?? An IKEA cabinet? Hell no. Well..this time you better  believe me. I’m not lying man… let me show you what it looks like before and after !! :grin:

Introducing the IKEA Helmer Cabinet. Priced at RM139, it certainly is more expensive than a normal CPU casing but if it was to hold hold 6 computer units, it was definitely a saver right ?? More info at Ikea Online :twisted:


Now imagine the same cabinet, that will be turned into this …


Interesting end product right ? Not to be anti-suspense, but for more information on how to do it in the first place….go to Helmer’s Project Page. Currently the 2nd helmer project is undergoing so if you want to contribute any hardware, you can mail the project leader. :halo: