Alert : Homer Simpson malware

This is not a JOKE !!

Just got this from my daily readings. Apparently Homer Simpson malware is on the loose. If you got any email providing a link to an unreleased episode of The Simpsons, please refrain to do so. It will lead you to a website where you will download the malware. Read the news below. :!:


A screen name once connected to animated TV dad Homer Simpson is being used to spread malware. In a 2003 episode of The Simpsons, writers revealed that Homer’s e-mail address was Prior to the episode’s airing, the address was registered by one of the show’s writers, who used it to answer hundreds of e-mails from Simpsons fans. Years later, the chunkylover53 screen name has resurfaced, and it’s now being used to distribute a trojan disguised as a Simpsons movie file.

According to FaceTime malware research director Chris Boyd, chunkylover53 is sending out auto-reply messages to users which promises a special exclusive episode of the show available for download. The link in the message leads to an executable file. Upon launching the trojan, the user is presented with a fake error message which is followed by several real error messages and, finally, a blank screen. Upon restarting, the system will run noticeable slower and be prone to crashes. Boyd found that the malicious payload delivered by the trojan includes a rootkit and remote control software which logs the user in a botnet. The malware was traced back to Kimya, a Turkish botnet which has been infecting machines for the last four months.

There you have it. For more readings, please refer to the link below (absolutely no link to the Homer malware:razz:)

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  • nguaahahaha.. aku biasanya akan mendelete segala email yang aku tidak kenali tanpa rasa segan dan silu agar laptop aku x akan kong kang trang kang kang nanti.. x pepasal plak kena format.. but.. nice info dude…

    ~~x sangka masa aku baca entry ko neh aku tgh tgk video homer simpson masa dia muda² kat metacafe.. haha..

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  • Che Su

    Apsal prutt bapak die camtuh 😆
    Jgn riso, aku takkn tergoda..sure tak layan! haha

  • aku juga seperti nikillas. kalau ada nama yang tak aku kenal dengan tajuk emel yang tak menarik mmg aku delete terus. lagi2 yg provide link.

    aku tak berapa paham sangat pasal malware ni dan apa fungsi dia. yang penting kene rajin update virus definition kau…

    ps: adakah aku masuk blog life4hire yg sebenar atau ini pishing blog life4hire? adakah blog ini bebas malware atau spyware? ❗
    hanya pentadbir laman ini saja yang tahu 😛

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  • Wow, I should be careful of this malware.