Avoiding USB pendrive viruses

I just got this new software called Ninja Pendisk. This free software claims that it can protect your computer from viruses that came from USB thumb drives.


The software is a portable software meaning you don’t need to install it to get it work. Perfect for the university students who always shares the computer at the lab and don’t have any administrative rights to install any application.

After you run the software, it will sit silently in the taskbar and wait until a pendrive is put into the USB port. If any threats detected, it will pops up a window dialog and clean the USB drive automatically and prompt notification upon cleaning.

My personal thoughs : I believe this is a good software for starters to avoid USB viruses. I didn’t have the chance to test it though because I don’t have any USB viruses in my thumb drive. :up:

Pros : Small in size, a portable application, includes LAN chat software.

Cons : The configuration file is a bit complicated for beginners. Refer to ninja.txt file when you installed it.

Download the software [ here ]

  • 😎 cambesh je menda neh.. bukan pe.. kalau ade member jenis yang malas nak update antivirus tu elok sangat la guna menda neh.. nanti kang.. x pepasal pendrive kong.. pc pung kong same..

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  • wawa

    hoo…..cane nk dolott???

    mauk mauk!

  • huhu!! teringat member2 ku yang selamba hipopotamus mencucuk pendrive bervirus dorang dilaptopku, dah tu tak reti ngaku lak… 😈

    seswai utk dorg ni 😎

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  • downloading…
    ps.: ade support virus definition updating tak?

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