Changelog : WP Wall & Feedburner

I’ve added a new widget to my blog. It’s called WP-Wall. It’s like a chat box more or less you want to call it. It’s based on AJAX and very simple to install.

The advantage of it, it’s very light and customizable. It’s based on WordPress Comment so you can set it to moderation and if you have Akismet, it will block spam comments on the wall. So far I’ve been testing it and I like the wall very much.

If you’re interested in using WP-Wall, you can go to the autohor’s blog which is [ Vladimir ] or you can find the plug in here.

At the mean time, I’ve changed my RSS feed to so as to track my recent feeds. I’ve tweaked my blog a little bit to minimize the loading time. Let me know what you think of it. :halo: