Gambar Panas Mulan Jameela & Ahmad Dhani + Maia Ahmad

Maybe some of you guys have come across pics of Mulan Jameela. No..she’s not my favourite singer or in the list of my top female artist. I just came across the pics of Mulan and decided to share it with you guys. No worries, there’s no hardcode unsuitable pics for kids, maybe it’s just less suitable for them. :lol:

Anyways, Dewa 19’s Ahmad Dhani and his wife, Maia Ahmad are in the end of their marriage since Mulan came into their life. There are a lot of stories flying around Indonesia but I don’t really want to talk about it. Maybe you guys can google it out later. So here goes the pics of Mulan, Dhani and Maia.

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For your reference on the status of Ahmad Dhani’s marriage, you can refer to [ here ]

p/s : Maya Karin will have her wedding by the end of August and she just launched her own website at :XO: