Google : Using it to find webcam !

There are many things we can do with Google. Seriously too many things we can do with Google. I will show you from time to time what we can do with Google. And I mean, just and not or or any other Google services other than the Google search engine.

The first thing I want to share with you is how to find webcams using Google. You can use the search term below to Google it out. Just copy the whole words in the quote and paste it in Google and click Search.

“powered by webcamXP” Pro|Broadcast

In case you’re getting too many results which offering the same tutorial, you can use this terms. But I should warn you it might give less result but at least it’s the links to the cameras and not to other tutorials.

“powered by webcamXP” Pro|Broadcast online gallery

“powered by webcamXP” Pro|Broadcast source

“powered by webcamXP” Pro|Broadcast gallery image

Another way to search online web cams is by using the search term as below:


but as usual, you might get  a lot of result to other tutorials. You can narrow it down by using these keywords:

inurl:”ViewerFrame?Mode=” pan

inurl:”ViewerFrame?Mode=” tilt

But I have to warn you, by adding the word “pan”  and “tilt” at the back might give you results only in English. In other term, you will lose other search results from webpages that is using other characters than English such as Japan and Korea where the use of these types of camera are widely used there.

Have fun with Google guys !!