It’s a Manic Monday !!

Oh well, It’s Monday again. Super damn lazy. As usual my typical Monday work will be lots and lots on pending tickets waiting for approval from the upper level guys.

Since I don’t want to write more on my busy Monday(maybe I’ll write about it when I don’t have any work to do), I’ll share a video clip by the Bangles – Manic Monday.

The Bangles is the All American female band was made popular with this song. This song was given to them by Prince. It was reported that Prince what to court Susanna Hoffs. So what he did is he asked Susanna out for a date. They sat at a table and he tossed a cassette (zaman dulu xde CD lg..) and said “Oh, by the way,’s a hit..). And that song is Manic Monday which went to top the chart.

In case you’re wondering, I generously provide a picture of them so you don’t have to Google for it.


Oh well..back to the topic, here’s the Youtube of song. Hope you guys like it. I’ve included 2 version of the song here. One is the X-file version which is the recording version of the song but not the original video clip. The second one is the acoustic version which you can check out the Bangles showing their chick skill.

X-File Version

<a href=""></a>

Acoustic Version

<a href=""></a>

P/S : In case you’re wondering..I DID pick the ugliest best looking Prince picture and the hottest pic of Susanna Hoffs. :lol: