Job : Full/Part-timer needed at Bukit Jalil

Got a new work advertisement today. This time it was not Yahoo Messenger. Someone left a comment on my earlier post for a job vacancy. This is a full/part time job paying RM60 per day. Read more for details :

Mencari pekerja part time/full time SABTU dan AHAD sebagai pekerja am di pusat paintball bukit jalil,memerlukan tenaga kerja yang sihat dan kuat. Umur 18-35thn. RM 60 sehari. Mengangkat dan menyediakan peralatan dan tempat permainan untuk paintball, mengemas dan mencuci peralatan dan kawasan permainan, dan kerja-kerja yang seangkatan denganya.
Kontek ZAIM 012-3617562

Looking for full or part-timer candidates on Saturday and Sundays only as general worker at a paintball site in Bukit Jalil. Needs healthy and strong person aged 18-35 years old. paying Rm60 per day. Work includes lifting and preparing tools, paintball ground, cleaning the tools and surrounding area and any related job. Please contact ZAIM 012-3617562.

And as usual, I’m not held reliable for the information here. I’m just forwarding the information I got to you guys. It’s up to you to grab it or not. If you want to advertise job vacancies, please forward the email to life4hire (a) :neutral: