Lizard which loves speed !!

I was driving to work on a beautiful afternoon. While I was cruising around 60 km/h at KL-Putrajaya highway, suddenly the urge to smoke came. :shock:. I reached out my pack of Marlboro Lights 20 from my side pocket and rolled down the window.


And there I noticed the house lizard was hanging at the side mirror. A bit surprised with it, I came to think..”Where did it came from?”. Seeing it clinging at the side mirror, I snapped the picture of it with my SE W800i.

While puffing the cigarette and cruising at 70km/h now, I sometimes peeked at the lizard which still cool under pressure, sitting like 70km/h doesn’t have any effect on him. Maybe this lizard loves speed I think.

I finished up my cigarette and noticed that I’m almost late for work. So I sped up a little bit and the lizard still hanging there, enjoying the adrenaline rushing through it’s head. This lizard is some tough guy and it’s life 100km/h.

I continue my journey and sped up till 120km/h and concentrating at my driving. After a while I look at my side mirror again and the lizard is gone !! OMG !! Not sure when the lizard was blown away by the wind and I’m not sure if the wizard was blown into my backseat or onto the road.

So dear Mr Lizard,

If you happened to be at the back of my seat or somewhere in my car, please enjoy your life in my car and please survive my eating the mosquitoes and other bugs you can find.

But if happened to be blown away on the road, I wish you’re safe and sound. Please don’t “mati katak” ( or should I say “mati cicak” ??). Please forgive me if I’ve done wrong because I just think you love speed and want you to enjoy the feeling of the adrenaline rush.

To all my readers…

Am I a bad guy to let the lizard die in such a horrible way ?? :sad: