Altantuya case : My own dejavu??

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Anyway, since I’m still busy with my work, just want to make quick update to my blog just to let you guys know I’m still alive and kicking. The Altantuya’s trial resumed a few days ago and I was expecting shocked with the progress !!

If you guys noticed my third top post titled “Spekulasi : Apa cerita kes Altantuya?“, I was speculating the outcome the Altantuya’s murder trial. Bit by bit, it was beginning to unravel the climax of the ending. From my view, it seems like it was beginning to end like I was predicted, only with a little twist and turn of events.

I don’t want to comment further on this. Read my previous post which is Spekulasi : Apa cerita kes Altantuya? and compare it to the news below:

Razak tidak pernah subahat

Bala, Altantuya didakwa konspirasi peras ugut Razak

Now the witnesses turned into the accused. If you have a vast imagination, you can manipulate the facts and turn the tides around.

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