Altantuya case : My own dejavu??

It’s been a while since I update my blog. Been busy with life, with work…luckily I can always keep track of my friends’ blog through my Google Reader. If you like my posts, please add me to your RSS reader and support my sponsor by clicking the ads on my blog. :lol:


Anyway, since I’m still busy with my work, just want to make quick update to my blog just to let you guys know I’m still alive and kicking. The Altantuya’s trial resumed a few days ago and I was expecting shocked with the progress !!

If you guys noticed my third top post titled “Spekulasi : Apa cerita kes Altantuya?“, I was speculating the outcome the Altantuya’s murder trial. Bit by bit, it was beginning to unravel the climax of the ending. From my view, it seems like it was beginning to end like I was predicted, only with a little twist and turn of events.

I don’t want to comment further on this. Read my previous post which is Spekulasi : Apa cerita kes Altantuya? and compare it to the news below:

Razak tidak pernah subahat

Bala, Altantuya didakwa konspirasi peras ugut Razak

Now the witnesses turned into the accused. If you have a vast imagination, you can manipulate the facts and turn the tides around.

If you think my 2 cents is worth your time, please please please…spread the love…Bongkersz….Noktah Hitam…want to republish this on your blog? Please do !! Hahahahaha !!:lol:

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  • who is bongersz? 😛 haha! me kinda busy as well.. i’ll read that piece later! 👿

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  • her picture looks scary and looks like hantu.. if i were someone who is responsible to her murder, i will kill and buang all the bukti sampai hilang… c’mon she’s just a pelacur. what’s the big deal..

    i am so sorry if i sound harsh. just that i dont like her. perempuan simpanan yang kacau rumah tangga orang and mintak duit. dah la duit dah banyak. x cukup? and poor malaysians, nak memperjuangkan pembunuhan seorang pelacur yang memang patut dibunuh.

    i am so sorry. 🙄

    • Ada Otak

      said the human without no sense of living.. yes she was a whore. Who cares? She still a human being for god sake.. a person with no right to been treated that way. Then why care if the palestinian has been kill every single day? Why are we trying to defending their right as a human? suck it up nono. You need series medical treatment. Trust me you need it.

  • i agree with nono

    she looked for trouble, trouble she got in the end..

    • well…i think there’s more to this case than the usual thing reported in the newspaper…what we can wait and see… maybe some shocking truth will be revealed soon !! 😯

    • 🙁 aha.. insaf dah

  • Nono, that’s the most terrible a statement a person could make. Just because she sleeps around it doesn’t mean that she is a pelacur. Remember that there are other cultures and way of life other than ours, and you must be sensitive to the way that others live if you want them to respect you.

    Furthermore, what if it’s really a commission or payment for her services as a translator, etc, legitimate causes. Tak ke dapat dosa fitnah free. Pakai tudung bukan jaga aurat je dik. Jaga mulut sekali. =p

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  • bg kan akoo perempuan ini utk akoo godek2 😯

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  • haha. mane leh cite. semer cni underage 😡

    • haha…ye ker semua underage ? 😛

      • i’m not underage. you can tell me 😛

  • AS

    This is insane. I never thought people could be so narrow minded. Nope. No one has a right to say that Altantuya deserved to go through what she did. Thanks Chibster.

  • I must said this is a horrible crime, no one deserved to be blown away by C4. It is wrong to judge Altantunya this way Nono. You have no idea what she gone through in her life and it is wrong to label people without knowing the truth . I have been followed Baginda’s story since the beginning he was arrest. My instinct since the beginning tells me , this is a set up and baginda has been framed.

    I became tired to read the same stories everyday and dont read the news of Baginda for so many months. The other day I type “Baginda on Google”. I saw the story has changed. Now I am positive that people should think deep before they laid judgement on others. Since the beginning , My instinct tells me this man has been framed by someone …now I can see even clearer and that same question I ask in my heart always has given me the same answer.

    We all know that Baginda is so well educated and very wealthy person . If he had an affair to Altantunya what ?
    That is their personal affair(it’s none of anyone business you know) .. but what that really doesnt make sense (truly ,I want all of you to think)….He was arrested within no time at
    all and accused of Altantunya murder. Wake up everyone, I truly think if he really want to get rid of her , he could have done easily while he was with her when they spent their time togather outside Malaysia. I dont think Baginda is the killer and I dont think he ask someone to kill her. One thing I can tell he has share his love and money to this woman . Which Man want to spend out that much on woman if he doesnt think worldly of her. So Please dont judge her or him when all of you can see now, the true mask behind that broken man is going to reveal.

    I read that Najib’s is involved and he’s the one introduced Altantunya to Baginda. I read that Najib’s wife was involved and Najib denied that allegation. hmmmm if the story turn out to be like this and if its true . I can see Najib is playing the game and try to be smarter than Baginda. I read on the news that Najib had anal sex with the deceased ..and also read the story of Anwar, I couldnt believed it, Saiful know Najib…and now Saiful accused Anwar “anal sex”him. When I gathered all these articles , I think Anwar also has been set up . I felt this two cases has shown both people has been Framed.. I think the same Person has purposedly set up ‘n’ frame Anwar and Baginda b’coz it’s to severely damage their reputation because they both brilliant people and they both capable running the country.

    My Malay friend said to me “Saiful swore infront of his family that Anwar has anal sex with him”. I said to her ..After reading the stories , I dont believed Saiful because I felt his life as well was pressured by someone. Hopefully Malaysian people take a good look at this case before they hang the wrong man. I would like to ask all Malaysians, If you entangled to this type of mess, How would you feel and what can you do ?

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