My past featuring Noktah Hitam

I started blogging sometime around 2003 but then there’s always something that is in my way from accomplishing my great goal of blogging. Senang citer, banyak giler aral melintang. Aral plg besar sekali ialah “malas”. I was inspired to blog from someone called Jason. I’ll tell you the story about him later on in my next post.

Then I decided if I want to get serious, I know I need to get a domain and a hosting. So I registered and here I am, along with Callister (my baby) at If you guys wondering why I didn’t use as my blog, I have my own reasons.

Anyway, I want to dedicate my Wednesdays to blog something about my past. This way I can let the readers know something about myself. As of today, I just want to share some pics of me with Noktah Hitam during our secondary school days. Ok ah eddie ? I’ll let you guys decide which one is me, which one is Noktah Hitam.


Why I choose Noktah Hitam? Coz he’s a great friend of mine..more like a brother to me..if there were a Malaysian blogger “country”, I’m sure he’ll be elected to be the Prime Minister, Bongkersz might be his deputy PM and Aeropama might be Minister of Trading or something like that ?

And where will I be by then? I’m the guy who will root for Bongkersz when NH kicked him out and charged him with bribes and sodomy claims. Reformasi !!! :lol:

Anyway, speaking of such things..Anwar Ibrahim was arrested yesterday. I don’t want to blog for politics for a few weeks coz it’s too much to bear at the moment. Read Noktah Hitam and Bongkersz for more.

p/s : yeah, I know it’s Thursday now but technically this post was written on Wednesday but it was published only today. So consider it’s still Wednesday. LOL :razz: