My workplace !!

As I posted earlier on Googleplex [ read it here ] on how cool is their workplace..I mentioned that my workplace is kinda cool too. So as I wanted to show you guys earlier, here’s some picture of my workplace. Feel free to comment !! :twisted:

The pool table

The couch where we sleep sometimes (mind the blanket !)
Did I mentioned the PS2 ?
Coffee maker, ovens and lots grubs in the cabinet !
Drinking water & the fridge with more food !!

We have 2 ovens, one for Halal food and another is for non-Halal. We usually play Pro Evolution Soccer on PS2, except sometimes the girl wanna show their skill in Metal Slug or Mario Bros..and the guys usually conquer the pool table.

We can eat whatever we want until the supply went kaput (that’s what we call food for destruction) or we can tapau and reheat the food later with the microwaves. We got all kind of beverages from Milo to Oatmeal, Maggi packs and Gardenia breads which came every 2 days.

It’s much much much more less than Googleplex but hey, I’m still happy with my workplace !! :up:

By the way, I’m using WordPress 6.2. Going to put the tutorial on how to upgrade to WP 6.2 using the easy way. Stay tuned !!:twisted: