Ronaldo ankle operation a success + pictures

I’m not really into Man United or Christiano Ronaldo but it’s worth a post for this time around. The ankle operation is apparently a success (damn it !! :mad:). And so he’s out for around 6 weeks (please make it to 6 months, much better, thanks) :smile:. Anyway, for all Man Utd fans out there, he’s officially still a Red Devil player but let’s see the outcome in a few weeks. And I also included an extra picture which is not really related to Ronaldo’s soccer but on his personal life.

From Soccernet :


Cristiano Ronaldo today underwent a successful operation on his right ankle, Manchester United have announced.

The Portuguese winger had a procedure in Amsterdam carried out by a Dutch surgeon, but the club say they will not be able to state when he will be fit again until he is seen by the specialist in a month. It is likely he will be out for at least six weeks and miss the start of the new season. United said in a statement: ‘Cristiano Ronaldo underwent surgery today to his right ankle. ‘The operation was performed by Professor C. Niek van Dijk at The Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam and the initial indications are that the procedure was successful. ‘Cristiano will begin his convalescence under the direction of club medical staff and an estimation of his return to full fitness will be possible following review by the specialist in one month.’


p/s : I don’t know which one you will stare more, it’s not my problem and I don’t wanna know about it. :lol: