Roti Pak Lah

Got this from Bongkersz. :wink:

You: Yor Doc, I have trouble passing my crap for the pass few days. I feel constipated.

Doctor: Errm..hrmm hmm… Did you have anal sex before?
You: No!

Doctor: Did you ‘accidentally’ put any object in your anus before?
You: Of course not!

Doctor: Had you been sodomised?
Me: :roll: :roll:

Well it’s a nice joke from Bonkersz. Read more on his port “Sodomee may cause constipation“. Another good reading in the house.

Well man..I got another joke for you.

If you go to any mamak stall in Putrajaya, they have a new type of roti canai. It’s called Roti Pak Lah. The nature of roti Pak Lah is fairly simple, they’ll put everything in except for telur !! :!:

Next time you go to any mamak stall, try order that new delicacy. I bet you’ll love the taste, but hatred in your heart.