Sony announced firmware upgrade for PS3

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Sony on Monday dated and detailed PS3 firmware update 2.40, a gameplay upgrade that includes in-game Cross Media Bar access and Trophy achievements to facilitate nerd cred. As previously unveiled, PS3 update 2.40 will introduce two features already popularized by Xbox 360; a universal system menu during gameplay, and an achievement system that tracks, records, and shares player accomplishments made in game. Firstly, in-game XMB “means you can access the PS3 menu at any time while playing most games, simply by tapping the PlayStation button on your controller,” say Sony. “With 2.40, you can check if any of your friends are online (thanks to their own user profile), read and send messages, change some settings for games, all without having to quit the game you are playing.”


With regards to the Trophy system, all in-game accomplishments will be recognized with either platinum, gold, silver, or bronze hardware, depending on how much content has been unlocked and at what ranking. Xbox 360 recognizes accomplishments with a single Gamer Score, a total of all unlockable points acquired. Sadly, Trophies will be limited to only a handful of games at launch, and they are not retroactive, meaning any supported will have to be replayed to acquire a Trophy.