Upgrading WP 2.6 the easy way !!

As you all know, WordPress 2.6 has been released 3 days ago and at the moment, I’m running the latest version of WordPress 2.6. So I’m going to show you the easiest way to upgrade WordPress using a plugin called WordPress Automatic Upgrade or WAU for short. This will be a long step by step guide with screenshots, so brace yourself. And yeah, don’t forget to click the picture for bigger view !!


First of all, we will need to get the plugin for WAU and you can download it [ HERE ]. Install the plug in your WordPress and activate it. In case you don’t know how to do that, please refer [ HERE ]. After you activated, your plugin, the journey begins !!

If you still you using the old WordPress version, you will notice that there’s an announcement in your Dashboard. Click “Click Here” and it will lead you to WAU.


After that, it will run a series of check for your installation. You can ignore the error message like in the picture below. All you have to do is to provide the details needed. Depending on your hosting, there are many ways to fill the information needed. Mine is as per below:


Do not continue if you happen to see the error in the picture below. This mean you need to go back and made correction to your details. Most of the case, it was the FTP base directory, it might be “public_html”, sometimes it’s just as simple as “/”.


If everything went smooth with the details, you will get the notification as per below ( no error message )


Next, it will backup all the related files for your current WordPress in case something went wrong. You are advised to save all the files and proceed as per instruction. You also have the option to backup your WP database and my advice is to do so.




Next step is downloading the latest version of WordPress. WAU will automatically download the latest version from WordPress website and then unzips it to the WP directory accordingly.


On the next step, WAU will put your frontpage in maintenance mode. There’s a link in the screenshot below if you want to see what’s frontpage looks like if you put the site in maintenance mode.


Next stage : WAU will disable all your plugins before it attempts to upgrade the installation file. If you have at this stage, then there’s shouldn’t be anymore problem. Just a few steps away from running WordPress 2.6 !!



You’re officially running WordPress 2.6 now. Now all that’s left is to reactivate the plugin which was disabled earlier and upgrade your WordPress database if it’s necessary. Please be aware on “CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE FINAL STEP” as in the picture below.It should open the link in a new window.


This will redirect you to the option page to upgrade WordPress database. It should look something like below:


If you have successfully upgrade the database, it should give a notification such as this.


After that, you can close the new window and go back to the window earlier and click “CLICK HERE” for the last and final step. It will redirect you to the WordPress login. Put your credentials and voila !!!



By default, you will be directed to the WAU post-upgrade page. At this page, WAU will reactivate all plug-ins that was disabled earlier, give you the chance to download your backup again (in case you haven’t download it earlier) and also upgrade your WP database if you missed the step earlier. You can also clean up the files used during the upgrade and I recommend you guys to do this. Refer to the screens below:




Last but not at least, WAU also display the logs of what WAU have done with your WordPress on every single file. You can keep this for future reference. Hope this guide can help you upgrading your WordPress.


For questions, you can go to Berceloteh Forum at forum.berceloteh.com or you can comment it here !! :up:

Thanks for your patience in reading this long post !!! :lol: