Want free laptop ?? Here’s how….

Everybody wants a free laptop right? Even the crappiest one is as good as any other as long as it’s free. Forget Windows, you can install Xubuntu to maximize it’s use. So how to get a free laptop. It’s really a good news if you’re in the States.. :grin:. Read this report…


According to the study commissioned by Dell, more than 12,000 laptop computers are lost in U.S. airports every week. That’s about 600,000 notebooks per year. What’s more, only 33 percent of the laptops found in airports are ever reclaimed. That’s not surprising if (as the survey found) 16 percent of business travelers said they would do nothing if they lost their laptops, while 58 percent said they’d contact their companies for advice before they did anything. Just 27 percent said they’d immediately retrace their steps and contact lost and found.

A question for those who said they would do nothing: what do you do when you show up to the big meeting sans laptop? Pretend to type on an invisible computer? Act like you’re suffering from amnesia? Seriously, who does “nothing” when they discover their laptop is missing? I know laptops are getting cheap, but this seems like a stunning lack of concern for the whereabouts of a machine worth several hundred dollars at least, and presumably storing important documents, valuable photos and so forth. Of course, Dell is using the startling findings to pitch its new laptop protection and data recovery services, so make of these findings what you will.

Interestingly, only 1 percent of the respondents admitted personally losing a laptop computer. However, 84 percent say they know someone who has lost a laptop while traveling on business.

Oh yeah..you think you’re screwed up reading this right? Actually not really. At least you have reminded yourself about taking extra caution for your laptop. Seriously for businessman/women and mobile personnel, the laptop is not really a hard thing to buy for them but the data that is in the laptop that’s really important.

Think about losing your proposal for a 1 Million project? How’s that going to sound? Or maybe you have private collection in the laptop that you want to treasure for the rest of your life. That’s where people leaked their private videos as in Segamat Sex Video. :roll:

At my company, we were told to take care of our laptops very carefully. We provided guidelines and a special class on how to care for our laptops. We have that class every year and a test to make sure we fully understand our responsibility to the laptop and the sensitive information stored in the laptop as it’s business trade secret.

Maybe you’re thinking that’s why we invented thumb drives and encryption technology to make sure the files cannot be opened? If you can’t take care of something as big as a laptop, how do you want to make sure you don’t lost something as small as the thumb drive? And you’re really sure there’s no way to break the encryption? If it falls to the correct person..your encryption doesn’t stand a chance to protect your secret anymore !! :roll:

Back to the topic, if you’re happen to be in US, you can try to file a missing laptop report and pray for your luck. Maybe you will get a free laptop !! :neutral:.

And I’ll share with you on how to care for your laptop in the next post. Stay tuned !! :halo: