Blogspot : How to avoid your blog from being flagged

I know some of the guys out there who’s still using blogspot as their blogging platform. I also used blogspot some time ago for my blog but now I have moved on to wordpress.


The problem with blogspot is your content is owned by Google as well as your blog’s ass. The most annoying feature on blogspot is the navigation bar. The greatest upset that the navigation bar could cause to you is your blog been flagged by your competitors, enemies, foes or cyber punks.

So how do we avoid this? I will show you a trick to hide your navigation bar.

1. Login to your blogger account. Go to dashboard. On your dashboard, click Layout


2. At Layout, go to Edit HTML.


3. If you’re using a default template, it should be looking like below.


4. Copy & paste the code below to the HTML codes. You should put the codes before the “variable definitions” or you can refer to the next image after the codes.

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;


After that click Save Template and refresh your page. Now the navigation bar is gone !! Hurray !!!

p/s : This is to “hide” your navigation bar only, not permanently remove it. So if you want to show the navigation bar again ( and risk your blog to be flagged ), just remove the codes that you inserted earlier. Have fun !!! :razz: