It’s been a while…Oh Altantuya !!

Hi’s been a while since I post something on my blog…well…a lot of reasons for the absence..but largely due to my workload…I only managed to reply the comments and finished my Google Reader list by today..sorry if I didn’t leave much comment on your blogs…

Anyway, fast forward to today..a lot of things happened in Malaysian politics…I don’t want to blog about politics today.Damn tired reading from other blogs..seems like the politics in Malaysia today can be compared to the dumpster..need to get Alam Flora to clear it out first before I can throw something else again…

I think it’s better for me to look into Altantuya’s case rather than blogging about politics today. Although some people might find the case as a politically motivated case..some say it’s a high profile case and don’t really matter what you think but the truth is..this “unthinkable” things do happen anywhere..

Speaking of Altantuya’s case, we have quite a ruckus here on my previous post at Altantuya case : My own dejavu??.

It all started with Nono’s post that I quote back below:

her picture looks scary and looks like hantu.. if i were someone who is responsible to her murder, i will kill and buang all the bukti sampai hilang… c’mon she’s just a pelacur. what’s the big deal..

i am so sorry if i sound harsh. just that i dont like her. perempuan simpanan yang kacau rumah tangga orang and mintak duit. dah la duit dah banyak. x cukup? and poor malaysians, nak memperjuangkan pembunuhan seorang pelacur yang memang patut dibunuh.

Poor Nono, she was bombarded by all sorts of other comments and reply for her comments. I’m not saying she’s wrong but I don’t say she’s right either ( yeah…saving my ass with neutral stance here).

I’m allowing encouraging people to comment on my want to take it further and have a fight in my blog over it, please do !! I’m restricting anything on my please feel free to voice out your mind !!!

So as for Nono, don’t feel sad or intimidated by the comments thrown by the others on you. Hopefully you’ll check out from time to time. Nono also wrote a piece of her own entry in her blog. Check it out at Apologize Entry to Altantuya.

To others, (Bong included)..I appreciate your mind flowing with ideas on Nono’s comment and your two hands fingers are just nice to put up something on my blog…please feel free to do so again…I’ll try to put up some “mind boggling” topics in the stay tuned !!

By the way..did you guys read latest post from Raja Petra on Dr Osman’s statutory declaration on Saiful’s case ?? Read it here guys !! >>>> RPK : What the IGP and AG do not know……yet