Michael Phelps & Bizarre Guinness Records

Right guys, we all know that Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympian in history (for the moment) with 11 golds and a bunch of world records shattered in swimming. You guys didn’t know that? Read here at the Star.

And do you guys know that Michael Phelps has his own website? Still NO ? Then go here to his website here.

If you read my blog then you might have known that the Beijing Olympics fireworks was partly faked which you can refer here.

Speaking of records, I have some bizarre Guinness World of Records that Phelps can’t beat for the rest of his life. Let’s see what I have in store for Michael to beat. :lol:


  1. FARTHEST EAR SLINGSHOT – 3.306 m (10 ft 10.5 in) dime toss, Monte Pierce, USA .
  2. THE MOST ELASTIC MAN – Pierre Beauchemin could contort his body into strange positions.
  3. FURTHEST EYEBALLS POP – 11 mm ( 0.43 in) out of sockets, Kim Goodman, USA .


  1. STRETCHIEST SKIN – 15.8 cm (6.25 in) stomach skin stretch, Garry Turner, UK .
  2. MOST TATTOOED MAN – 99.9% tattoo-covered body, Tom Leppard, Scotland , UK.
  3. MOST WORMS EATEN – 62 in 30 seconds. Mark Hogg , USA.


  1. LONGEST SWORD TO SWORD BALANCE – 30 seconds, Ali and MassoudBandbaz
  2. LARGEST APPENDIX REMOVED – 17.5 cm (6.8 in), from Mr Mahendra , India.

And my personal favorite that I’m 100% sure Phelps can beat is …


OLDEST LIVING FEMALE CONJOINED TWINS – Born January 3, 1950, Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyapova, Russia .

P/S : I was hoping you guys will find this entry as a funny one. :lol:

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  • wow.. 11 golds.. sure a great athlete :kiss:

    but the guiness record is for people with sepecial abilities.. er.. i think except the appendix.. uhu :mrgreen:

    aiya.. how he can break the record of oldest living female conjoined twins? ahaks 😆

    # in fact, every person have their own ablities

  • He could try and beat the record of most tattooed man if he dare to! 😛 No skill needed for that I think?

  • Che Su

    Idup Mesia hehe :up:

  • great! i’m sure phelps can’t beat those records for his whole life dude…

    erk! boleh ke compare sume tu dgn phelps si perenang?

    ps: respek gile ngn mamat kembar siam tu. teringat mitos hydra, raksasa byk kepala tu…

  • Just received his 8th goal today.

    • exactlt..that’s my point…sorry Phelps…not in this lifetime… 😀

  • mamat tattoo tu mesti takde sapa nak jadik awek dia hehehee…

    • harapan Malaysia nak menang emas hanya pd Lee Chong Wei jer kot..kalau ada squash..ada harapan dah pingat emas satu…. 😆

  • I think it would be excellent if Michael Phelps could complete an event, win a medal, then make is eyes pop out for the judges!