My new workplace !!

I just moved from Cyberjaya to a new workplace at an undisclosed location but I can tell you that my workplace is located in the centre of Kuala Lumpur and it’s just a couple of blocks from KLCC.

When I was in Cyberjaya, we were quite isolated from the rest of the guys in Kuala Lumpur and we haven’t had the chance to meet up with the others or join the others in any particular activities, but the fact the guys from my office bagged champion for a lot of our company tournament made us quite famous. Last year I was the runners up for the pool tournament. Speaking of pool tournament, the pool competition for this year will be on this Saturday. I hope luck still will be on my side this Saturday.

I must say, the new workplace is quite exciting (apart from it’s located in the centre of Kuala Lumpur). They have a standard size pool table, fussball, larger TV than my old office, lots more of grubs, new office equipment and yada yada yada. I’ll post up some pictures here later. :lol:

If you missed my entry on my last workplace, you can read it here. I mentioned about lots of food that you can get and I was amazed my that (it’s my first real job anyway, you can compare it with Googleplex). Anyway, I stumbled upon another video of another branch of our company in Alaska. Hell, no we can’t compare it with my old workplace in Cyberjaya or here. It’s really mouth watering if you see what they have in stock or what they had for dinner. :vangry:

<a href=""></a>

If I went there, in six months, I guarantee you guys won’t recognize me any longer !! :razz:

p/s : credit to Ash & Anim for the video. (Nah..nak sangat..puas hati skarang ?)

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  • so bila ko nak pindah ke alaska ? hehe 🙄

  • cyberjaya tempat jin bertendang, haprak pun takder. Congrats on new workplace 😛

  • Dah dekat dgn office aku tu. Tp malangnye, aku jarang ke office. Hahaha.

  • awal² pembinaan ada pergi sana area tahun 2003. and guess what kitorg terjumpa kandang kambing masa berhenti tukar tayar pecah. hahahaha last blog post..Tag: manga

  • Che Su

    Tahniah…slamat menempuh kehidupan d kL muhahhaha :up:

  • leh la ko tekel anak dara arab yg seksi. pehhhh…
    bagi bayanan muka ko. leh akoo tegur nnti. 🙂

  • mak aih….banyaknye makanan….ni macam time rombongan g KLAS dulu…katering kapal terbang…huhuh!!

    musykill le…video tu tempat keje ke tempat makan…

  • pantry?? mak aih…mcm kitchen dah…complete sumer 😕

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