Nuffnang Gift Ideas !!

It’s the last day for me to submit the application and I still haven’t make my mind until the last hour. So I figure out…what the an entry and see if it’s my lucky day. If I win this NuffNang Gift Ideas contest, it would be one of the best days in my life and a huge success for me as a blogger. So I’m dedicating this post to the readers of my blog and I wish I can list everyone here with a gift for everyone of you, but since I have a very limited time and just got back from home, so I’ll keep this short and straight forward ! :razz:

First gift goes to Syam at

I know you just got your brand new laptop and how cute of you to give a name for your new lappy. Aeropy..such a cute name too. :razz:

I read your entry and be the first to comment on your post for it on “Aku dan Aeropy”. I read on how you want to blog live using wireless or Celcom Broadband. And for that, I want to present you this backpack as a gift so that it would be easier for you to go somewhere with Aeropy and have a nice blogging in the wild.


You can view the full details [ here ]

Second gift goes to KNizam at

I read your post about having an obsolete camera in your post [ here ].


So I figure out that by giving you a new camera from Realmart is the best for you. I purposely choose the black camera because I know you like black like your new Samsung LCD TV. Most likely you’re broke after the new TV set, a brand new camera would be best to make you happy.

But taking everything into account including your enthusiasm for blogging wherever you go, I figured out the best gadget for you is by giving you a brand new PDA which is HTC TyTN II P4550 from Realmart.


If you go somewhere without your laptop in hand and you want to blog something on the go, you can submit the entry using wireless on the TyTN instead of using 3G and it’s easier to write a longer entry with the QWERTY keypad instead of using the keypad on your old K810i or if you prefer the picture of K810i, you can bluetooth it to the TyTN and post your blog with the picture from K810i. And as you’re a dedicated blog reader, it’s much more satisfying to read other blogs with the browser from TyTN so you don’t have any trouble to check out your Google Reader anytime you want. See, how thoughtful of me for you.

Last but not least, for my dearest Callister ! :XO:

I know you always wanted to play Guitar Heroes on a PS2. I promised you to buy you one but with the tight financial at the moment plus with the high petrol price now, it’s almost impossible for me to buy you one. I can’t even buy you anything for your birthday except took you for a dinner (which I also spoiled it in the end, sorry !! please consider this as my public apology too. :cry: ) At least, it takes me another 6 months to save money to buy it although I have promised you to buy it the last 6 months. I’m sorry for that.  :cry:


Since I can’t buy you one, what I can do at the moment is to give you a picture of it, courtesy from Realmart. Hope you like the picture and pray that I will win the contest. And I know you will not be satisfied to play Guitar Heroes without the electronic guitar itself, so I’m throwing out the guitar itself too (only the picture at the moment). Hope you like it.


I promise you if I win this contest, the first thing I will do is buy a new PS2 for you from Realmart and I hope the new stock is available soon since it’s out of stock at the moment.

P/S : To whoever judging this contest, please let me win so that I can buy my girlfriend a new PS2 for her :halo:

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  • Aku tak dapat!

  • awww… so sweet! :up: Hopefully you’ll win too hehehe

  • akoo pon tade? tapi sape la akoo. nobie 😥

  • sob.. sob..

    nama aku tak tersenarai pun. sob.. sob..

    hikhik. heharap ko menang la ek. 😉

    ernisuhanas last blog post..Entry Perasan

  • ahahaha. aku bukan tak nak komen tapi, blog ko ni terlalu informatif. segan aku nak mengomen.

    dah tu plak, most of your entry, ko nulih dalam bahsa penjajah. idak la teman ni paham sangat. aku kan sekolah tak tinggi. bahsa omputih pun takat cukup cukup makan je.

    want me to say more? hiks. :p

    ernis last blog post..Entry Perasan

  • oh aku sungguh terharu 🙂

  • kena vote ke nih…vote aku punya sekali ek hehehe

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  • eh mana aku punya weh? cis! 😀 😀

    bongkerszs last blog post..Manga-ish me!

  • terharu wei bila baca entri kau ni. tak sangka ada gak org nak bagi aku hadiah. 😥

    terima kasih. kalau ko menang aku tuntuk wlpn hanya sekadar beg! wahahahah ➡

    ps: aku punya PS2 lama dah tersadai. rasanya dah 6 bulan tak berusik sebab aku dan adik2 aku tak berminat nak main PS2 lagi. skg berangan nak pakai PS3 tapi kena tunggu adik aku abis SPM dulu baru beli…

  • sbb ko punye entri. akoo tulis gak pasal nie. haha. kejap je amek masa bab keje tulis ngarut nie mudah! 😆

    Extremist Thinkers last blog post..Petrol Station Souvenir

  • Sadly, I dont know what to give and who is a nuffnanger.
    benda2 dlm mart tu cam tak best! 🙄

    saffas last blog post..My Mistakes in Blogging

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