Update on pool tournament

This is the update on my last entry on my company’s pool tournament. This annual event was held at Brewball Pool Club at Megan Avenue 1 at the KL city center.


It was played 2 rounds for the grouping stage. 2 wins will give you 3 points and 1 point for a draw.

I was in singles and doubles category. For the singles category, I was placed with the last year’s doubles champion, Wahab and my department colleague Sundaresh.First game was against Wahab, I started brilliantly against Wahab and managed to beat him but lose to him on the 2nd game. I played Sundaresh after that but lost 2 game straight. And that marks the end of my singles category.

For doubles, it was played the same format. I paired with my colleague from the same department, Rock. We won the group stage but lost against the other team from our department in the 2nd round.

All in all, from my assessment on the games, here’s my result on why I lose so early in this year’s tournament:

  1. Overall performance is much better than last year, less mistakes but apparently the opponent is better.
  2. Lack of sleeping making me loose concentration in the later stage of the tournament.
  3. My partner still having a hang over from excessive drinking the night before. Few mistakes made where it shouldn’t be for a pool expert like him
  4. Tournament rule change drastically from 3 rounds to 2 rounds per game. This is making the duel a “do or die” tournament. No room for mistakes.
  5. Contestant is fewer than last years making this year’s draw for groups really hard when I was placed with really tough opponents.

Anyways, it’s all good experience and I need to train harder for next year. Thanks so so much for Callister joining me there to give support to me. I’m really grateful for that. Thank you so much sayang.

Last but not least, thanks to all readers who wished me luck for the tournament. Sadly, I didn’t came out as winner this year. Better luck next year hopefully.

Signing off,
~ hard luck boy ’08 ~

p/s : pictures will follow up soon enough !

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  • 😯 walah. sudah tukau theme tu!

    alahai… kalah lak ko yek 😈 nasib baik aku xdtg. kalau tak…mesti aku kecewa gila.

    ps: ko kalah sbb ko tak training 👿

  • huhu… menang kalah adat permainan, yg penting akan terus berusaha lagi untuk menang.. :up:

  • Cuba lagi tahun depan.. in the mean while.. go practice more 😛

  • Ooh, Hubby and I used to play pool when we were dating! It’s such a fun game…can’t imagine the pressure for a tournament 🙂

    Oklah, at least your game improved. Better luck next time…maybe with a less-drunk partner!!!

    KittyCats last blog post..Climbing Wu Yi Shan…

  • gambaq takda ka? best arr kampeni ko.. ade pertandingan…

    Uncle Gs last blog post..Kalau aku nak buat Email sendiri

  • boleh la Uncle…hadiah2 pon leh mantap gak.tahun ni xtahu la aper hadiah dia sbb x menang. tp last aku dapat no 2 doubles tuh, dapat la voucher RM100 untuk shopping kat Isetan..hehe 😆

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