Who is the mole?

Haha..this is hilarious !! I got this picture in MYKMU forum. I want you guys to guess who is in the pictures. Apparently maybe it’s the only one you know and he’s famous in Malaysia. Everyone knows him I think. Enough said, clue is at the bottom and please feel free to post your thought in the comments.




If you want to know more on the origin of the picture, please go to the forum. The original thread is [ here ]

The clue for the mole:

If you look at the bottom of the pictures, there’s inscription of the person’s name above. Good luck !! :lol:

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  • hahahahahah.. siut giler.. ingat minah nigger mana tadi. hahaha hancuss!! 😮

  • :mrgreen:

  • kenny sia isn’t it? 😛 kot..

  • wth? 😈

    omg. biar betol!!! 😯

    no comment 😥

  • :mrgreen:

    LOL LOL…Seriously that is him?? HAHAHAHAHAH….ROTFLMAO…

  • mak geli nengok gambar ni nyah… :mrgreen: wahahaha

    ps: ko cuba check feeds kau. ada mamat bernama actateen masukkan postnya dalam feeds ko. kene hijack ke feeds ko ni?

  • hahaha…. good one en life4hire~!

    norlinies last blog post..New Found Love

  • wahaha… superb!!

  • hahahahaha! kelakar giler man!

    bongkerszs last blog post..Manga-ish me!

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