Break Fast with Negaraku!

So as posted in Negaraku! for the break fast agenda on 13th September 2008, below is the additional information on the event.

The venue will be Nara Restaurant at Pantai Dalam. The restaurant will look something like this. It’s very easy to notice. I’m putting up some pictures of the restaurant for your viewing and so you can get what we’re going to had on the day.


The specialty there is “ayam golek”. Something like Kenny Rogers but Malaysian style! It’s very famous in Kelantan and Nara’s is much more less like the one in my place in Kelantan.

For muslims who want to pray after break fast, there’s a nearby surau in walking distance and a mosque for prayers if the surau is full.



There’s a nearby Bazar Ramadhan if you guys want to get an extra dishes or some traditional mouth watering “juadah” near Restoran Nara.




That’s was me buying murtabak for my break fast yesterday. It was nice! Notice me carrying a handbag? Yerp, I have my own “sort of handbag”. LOL. But not Callister‘s handbag. It was mine! Sorry Extremist Thinker, I carry my own handbag ! :halo:

Pantai Dalam is located near Universiti Malaya where all the UM students dwell here because of cheap flats. Situated around Bangsar or Kerinchi, making it not so hard to find. You can take LRT to get to Stesen Universiti or Stesen Kerinchi and took a taxi for 5 minutes ride or so to reach Pantai Dalam. If you plan to come by car or motocycle, Pantai Dalam is the last exit for the New Pantai Expressway highway so you can’t miss it or you can go by the congested federal highway and exit at University Malaya. If you’re taking komuter, you can hop off at Pantai Dalam station or Angkasapuri station. Expect heavy traffic at the surrounding area so it’s a good idea to go by public transport or car pooling !

I’ll post a map later on if you guys who needs further direction. But for now, I attach a screenshot from Google Map. Click for bigger picture !


A marks the location of Nara Restaurant, not that precise actually but somewhere around there. Refer to the link to Google Map to plan your journey.

To summarize:

Date : 13th September 2008

Venue : Restoran Nara at Pantai Dalam.

Time : Around 7:20 PM

Pax available : Depends on the response from the guys. I will make the booking on Thursday, hopefully.

Cost : This is not a sponsored event like NuffNang Sharing Session and Negaraku! is not a profitable establishment. So eat at your expense!

Food available : Apart fromayam golek, Nara also serve other type of food like tom yam, soups, all kind of fried rice, mee, kuew teow.

Eligibility : Open to all psychotic Negaraku! bloggers people especially from Negaraku!

More info/question ? Leave a comment and I’ll get back as soon as possible ! :razz:

p/s : Don’t forget to “FAVE IT” so that others will know about it !! :up: