Freegan = Dumpster Diving

I don’t know if you guys have any knowledge of freegan or more accurately called freeganism. Maybe you guys ever heard of capitalism, communism, consumerism and other *rism. I’m sure a lot of you guys still don’t know about freeganism @ freegan for short.

For start, let’s look what is freegan. From Wikipedia:

Freeganism is an anti-consumerist lifestyle whereby people employ alternative living strategies based on “limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources. Freegans embrace community, generosity, social concern, freedom, cooperation, and sharing in opposition to a society based on materialism, moral apathy, competition, conformity, and greed.”[1] The lifestyle involves salvaging discarded, unspoiled food from supermarket dumpsters that have passed their display date but haven’t passed their edible date. They salvage the food not because they are poor or homeless, but as a political statement

You can get more info on freegan at

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Maybe we heard some time ago in the news or I think it was Harian Metro where “budaya makan sampah” were on people’s lips. Harian Metro reported that it’s a group of punk boys that do dumpster diving or trashing, but I never came across such experience with punk boys. I don’t know if they’re freegan or something, but from what I read, that’s totally not freegan.

Freegan or freeganism is an act to salvage usable items and food that is still in good condition, mainly thrown out by the grocery stores and hypermarket. An example of food that’s still in perfect condition in the bread. Usually we have a few days expiry date for breads such as Gardenia or High Five. Although the expiry date has been reached, but depending on how you store and handle the food, most likely it’s still can be eaten. This is the type of food that freegans are looking for, not some left overs from others. :mrgreen:

Anyway, I encountered someone while I was having a smoke break in front of my office. This person looks like a guy because of short hairs, I mean really short but with boobs. Don’t ask me about the person’s gender because I can’t really tell. I’ve seen this person a few times around my office block but I didn’t notice anything unusual about him/her until last night. You guys know what I saw?


:: click for bigger picture ::

I’ve seen a lot of weird tings but this is my first time watching someone eating right from a pile of rubbish. I can see him/her eating leftover rice ( I think) from the dump. I don’t know if this guy homeless or something, but looks like he/she is pretty normal to me, normal as in when someone says hi to you, you say hi back. That sort of normal. :smile:

Anyway, I know the picture is not clear enough, but I swear I saw him/her eating straight from the trash. It’s the truth, honest truth ! :!:

p/s : maybe I should have an interview with him/her. What do you guys say ? :up: or :down: ??

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  • ugh.. berselera nampak. kira these people max out the resources lah.. reduce wastage? or more on getting everything free (hence the freeganism). i know how to do it with more class… go to shopping mall and get free food samples… perfume or whatever toiletries samples/testers. can even go toilet take your bath. sure can survive. part nak tido, where to sleep comfortably.. that need to think a bit.

  • hii…

    am i normal? :halo:

  • dulu pernah edisi siasat buat rencana pasal youngsters yg makan leftovers kat kfc.. salammmz

  • Nice info!

  • bro. orgasm tue ape eh? buntu laa 😕

  • 😐 urmm.. dia normal ke tak.. IF dia normal i would say kesian to him/her.. 😥

  • erk!? really weird huhu.
    tapi aku rasa sama konsep dgn mereka yang suka makan beras dan sabun kot!?

    why don’t u get some info from them urself?
    at least make a move to know if it’s real or not huhu

  • eh.. eh.. ❗ aku pernah jumpa sorg..!! aku pikir sape la dok korek² tong sampah dekat mall tu.. tapi aku jalan sebelah diorang je.. budak² muda plak tu.. diorang kutip barang² terpakai pulak tu.. cam tupperware.. botol… macam² lagi la.. mereka jual kot… hurmm…

    nikillass last blog post..Bayar Hutang Chepsmore

  • “Budaya makan sampah”? The translation doesn’t sound accurate when you describe Freeganism. Hmm…I support not wasting food but salvaging as a political statement? Sounds like Greenpeace to me – all fireworks, no real action.

    Don’t be surprised that he may be poor – many people I know would rather spend $$$ on looking good, not living good.

    You’re a smoker? Better stop. Not good for you. You tak takut yet ah seeing those gory pics? My father died of cancer because he was a heavy smoker ok.

  • seriusly depa makan sampah..?? eeeeyerk.. x hygenic langsung.. pergh.. x pernah aku nampak yang makan sampah pulak.. tapi korek2 tong sampah tu biasa la..

    nikillass last blog post..Lab Microprocessor..

  • makan sampah xpernah..
    termakan dek sumpah, itu pernah kot!! naya.. 😛

  • ni yang jd persoalan aku selama ni. pelik aku beb. kenapa perlu makan sampah? sekadar mahu tunjukkan ideologi kau atau untuk tunjuk protes? atu kau tak berduit?

    plsss beb! jangan jadi bodoh. aku pernah sahur ngn penagih dan penghidap HIV yg mcm org nak mati lg 5 min. dia sendiri tak sanggup mkn sampah beb. sanggup mengemis mintak aku banje dia makan plus minta aku beri dia 5 ringgit nk beli brg stim… mat gian ni pun tahu sampah itu jijik… apa laaa….

    aeropama dot coms last blog post..Google Analytics: Satu Pengenalan

  • James

    Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

  • aper la dia duk ngendap2 kat opis tu… 😯 🙄

  • ko kena hantar artikel neh kat majalah 3
    biar diaorang buat coverage 👿

    apa2 pun kalau nak makan, make sure makanlah something yang tayyiban sekali ya. hehe ❗

  • suka aaa nak emosi ke ape. sebuk! 😛

    aku ngah serabut sekarang. bila dah wat camtu, aku rasa release sikit. nanti la aku borak borak ngan ko.

    weih yam, ko takde on ym ke? dah la blog ko takde chatbox. terpaksa aku letak komen yang takde kena mengena ngan entry. ceaaa je. :vangry:

    kalau online, msg aku beb. nak diskas skit. bisnes talk. huhuhuhu.. 😆

  • Saffa pernah baca cerita pasal freegan ni. In a newspaper.. Gosh! disgusting.. tapi.. u will be suprise to see things yg freegan follower ni boleh jumpa dalam tong sampah.. But, saffa rasa budaya ni x sesuai kat malaysia.. sbb sampah omputih n malaysia bebrbeza..

    Saffas last blog post..Iftar Jama’ei ARC

  • what u saw is to remind u or us and others how lucky we are.

    kbguys last blog post..Turunkan Harga Minyak !

  • dush.. x sangka aku, aku baca article atas, inngat mcm baca artcle bab2 something yang aku mmg x minat, tapi saja nak ambik hati life4hire, baca jugak.. then, bila start tgk gambar tuh, aku dh rasa pelik.. isk.. n ko cakap dia makan sampah!!! ya allah, betul ke?? kenapa ada manusia camtuh kat malaysia ni, isk, kan ke banyak lagi makan boleh makan..?? nak muntah aku, walaupun just baca..

    aku dari dulu x paham jenis skin, punk.. atau menatang semua tuh, sambil menulis ni aku menyanyikan lagu famous dulu2..

    u not a punk….n i know that u is wrong
    with ur leather n… ur trendy spiky hair

    u not a skin, n i hope u understand
    stupid nazi washed ur brain..ur fucting friendss.. woo ho hoo.

    ps: lochoe adalah budak biasa yang buta musik dan diajar cuma lagu nasyid je..

    lochoes last blog post..Callister gadis spammer?

  • Ohh.. ada ideologi lain dr greenpeace ke? ish.. tp betul gak kata Saffa, sampah M’sia ngan Omputih beza.. sampah M’sia byk lendir2 :mrgreen: .. Tp budaya ni bole gak ko cover, tanya org tuh.. mana tau ada org lain cam dia gak.. tp maybe sbb dia sgt sgt sgt xder duit kot dan sgt sgt sgt lapar.. 😐

    smaelz83s last blog post..Once Upon A Time in School

  • Hi there – just wanted to suggest that you ask your sister for some toilet tales? Then, you can post to win the Mothercare toilet training seat for your nephew!!! Tell your friends also ler coz now, only my blogger friends are joining. Cepat, cepat, cepat! 🙂

  • Nape asik mkn kfc? nape x Mcd ker?Marybrown ker?..ader org kfc wat promosi ker…kui3

    ezads last blog post..Cincin Informasi..sape nama dia ek?

  • Update..!! Saya.. Saya mahu saudara update..!! Hahaha..

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  • Loong

    dumpster chefs….
    this can be found at your local hypermarkets…
    just be sure that they're not spoilt…

    one thing i wont go through is nasi kandar dumpster… lol