Negaraku! Break Fasting Gath Report

Hi guys..sorry for the late update. I was busy through the weekend since Houston was hit by the Hurricane Ike. So I was on standby for any calls from my boss and he did call me from Houston informing the situation there is very very bad and they will not be able to get into office until the next Wednesday or so.

Electricity was cut off, there’s no food or gas to cook, no phone line and internet access and everything is a complete disaster in some parts of Houston.So please be thankful that we don’t have anything like that in Malaysia.

Anyway, back to the topic, if I remembered it right, Negaraku! breakfast was successfully held on the last Saturday at Nara’s as planned. Although Jed Yoong was unable to be with us because she has other commitments for ISA detainees and Nani*Syawal who happened to get chicken chop as break fast menu on that day, we have 7 attendees including me.

The list of attendees are:

  1. life4hire & callister from
  2. eddie from
  3. syam from
  4. mk from
  5. lochoe from
  6. odin from

Everyone doesn’t seem to have a problem in getting there thanks to Google Map i guess and the late addition from Odin make the gath more merrier. We were all there by the time for break fast and had prayers around 8 PM. Then we continue the getting to know each other stuff, conversation, laughters, money making stuff and stuff our stomach while watching Liverpool beat Man U at Anfield.

Around 10 PM, we decided to call it a day. After nearly 2.5 hours of laughs and joy, it’s hard to say goodbye to new friends. But rest assured, we’ll meet again someday. We’ll make it more merrier and more people, with more laughter and some more activity. Can’t wait till the next gath !! Maybe we can opt for a teh tarik session sometime later.

I put up the gallery here. Sorry for the image. Need to get my camera sent for service. He’s been a bad boy some time. Maybe I should get a DSLR soon.

By the way, for guys who have facebook, you’re more than welcomed to join the Negaraku! Facebook Group. And please, spread the love !

p/s : Since there was too much laughter and too many things to talk, I lost count of the drink I had after 5 glass and smoked 16 out of 20 from a brand new Marlboro Lights pack. Damn, I can’t remember the last time I smoked that much in 2 and half hours ! :evil: