TAG : About Me

1. What is the most important thing in your life? – The people that I love

2. What is the last thing that you bought with your own money? – Food for break fast

3. Where do you wish to get married? – Preferably in a mosque or wherever suitable

4. How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love? – Forever !!

5. Are you in love? – Yes, definitely

6. Where was the last restaurant you had dinner? – Kedai Murni

7. Name the latest book that you bought? – Johan Bola Sepak episod 4

8. What is your full name? – Secret!! I’ll tell when I think it’s appropiate

9. Do you prefer your mother or father? – My mom !!

10. Name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time. – Kurt Cobain

11. Christina or Britney? – Derek Barry..LOL

12. Do you do your own laundry? – Nope

13. The most exciting place you want to go? – nothing specific at the moment, anywhere outside Malaysia will do

14. Hugs or kisses? -Depends

15. Point out 5 things about the person who tagged you. – his name Faisal Amirul, owner of megat.net, someone commited to blogging, married, having health issues at the moment (hopefully you’ll recover soon !)

16. 8 things I am passionate about – my love, my life, my work, money, spending time with my loved ones, my blog, comics,arsenal FC

17. 8 things I say too often – Please read the rest of my entries in the blog :lol:

18. 8 books I’ve read recently – I don’t read any books in particular, can’t remember my last book except for Johan Bola Sepak

19. 8 songs I could listen to over and over again – Songs from Jikustik, Element mostly and other songs that sing to my tune.

20. 8 things I learned last year – Too many things to list.

21. 8 people to tag – I want to dedicate my revenge TAG to melbie, pemikir ekstrem, n.o.n.o, erni suhana, noktah hitam, bongkersz,