Tag : Manga my face !

Got the tag from Noktah Hitam. Please refer to his post here.


Basically this is what I look like. I don’t want to spend too much time designing how accurate my face looks like when “manga-ed” but basically this is it. Just simple and plain me. Most of the time I will have short hair and sometimes a bit longer (depending on how lazy I am to go to the barber). No piercings, no dyed hair, no extra markings on my face, some mustaches and a scar on my chin which is not totally visible.  I have another scar on my butt but apparently I can’t do it on manga. Too bad ! Maybe someone can identify my body in the morgue using that scar !! :???:


This manga face is what I want to be in reality but sadly, that couldn’t happen. Many reasons to that and we just keep it aside. Just thought of sharing it with you guys. I’m a nice person in real life but sometimes I can act beyond normal. Hey, we all have a dark side in our mind right?

IF i can be what I want to be, I will have piercings on my body, at least wear ear rings. Some tattoos on the back like Bongkersz on other parts of my body where it’s visible enough. I will wear accessories that’s forbidden to me such as some gold ear rings  or gold necklace. Dye my hair red like Sakuragi Hanamichi from Slamdunk and grow beards with long hair  !!

That’s quite an imagination right? So with this, I would like to tag Pemikir Ekstrem, Cik Aishah Koop, Uncle G dan sedara Affuan !!