Update on Negaraku! Break Fast

At the moment the entry was written, there is 8 people who confirmed their attendance to the event. Although the plan is to get 10 people and above, but Noktah Hitam and I decided that we will go on with the event with whoever that is available at the moment.

So the list is as below:

  1. Eddie a.k.a Noktah Hitam from noktahhitam.com
  2. life4hire a.k.a me from this blog.
  3. callister from callister.berceloteh.com
  4. Jed Yoong from the famous jedyoong.com
  5. lochoe from ringgittune.blogspot.com (the money-wise guy)
  6. syam from aeropama.com (the oil & gas guy)
  7. MK @ Khairul, the owner of sembangkomputer.com
  8. Nani*Syawal, don’t have other details.

Registration is still opened. I will make the booking by tomorrow night. So please confirm your attendance by Friday, 11-09-2008 at 8 PM .

To confirm your attendance, please go to Google Reader here and fill the simple form !

This will not be as grand as NuffNang Sharing Session but what the heck, at least we have one too ! All are welcomed, we’re an open community right ? :lol:

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  • hoho… bgs2. restoren jang nara. pelayan awek korea. makanan seafood fresh ice beku. pehhh. meleleh. ptt suh si eddie wat banner. huhu! :halo:
    sori ar, bkn gua xnk tunjuk muka kacak. muka kacak ini dah dikampung cuti sbln + sbln gaji + sbln bonus + sbln lenggang perut. pehhhh! 🙂

  • adui ni yg rasa tak best ni sbb tak dpt join huhu.
    klu x dpt juga jumpa dgn rakan-rakan blog tu.

    megats last blog post..Nama Proton MPV Baru, Perkasa!?

  • its google docs, not google reader dude.

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  • Maaf tak dapat datang.
    Ada kerja sebab kes ISA ni.
    Next time, or just casual around KL bila2 also can.
    Take care.

  • good luck… :mrgreen:

    is150s last blog post..Poning