Crazy Feedburner !

Syam from once complained to me about my feedburner going crazy and I already know that it went crazy the last time. After spending much time tweaking here and there, it seems to be resolved now. I don’t know if you guys still seeing my “crazy” feedburner but I hope you don’t anymore. Here’s what I meant by my feed going crazy.


If you look at the picture, there’s google adsense in my feed. Yes, the adsense was intended to be there, so don’t be surprised. The surprise part is it was like a whole bunch of it like a looping loop in programming. From my hours of tweaking + waiting feedburner to update the feeds, hopefully everything is back to normal now. :cry:

If you guys have any complaint about my blog, please feel free to contact me through the contact form. Sometimes there’s things that I overlooked. And if you guys having problem viewing it my IE, please let me know too. I tested in IE and so far, there’s no problem that I can see.:up:

p/s : If you need any tutorials, please feel free to request it using the contact form and I’ll try my best to full fill it. I have some other tutorials drafted and waiting some final touches before being published. So far I’ve published 3 tutorials as per below. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful and entertaining!:halo: