Freegan in my hometown !

I wrote about Freegan a while ago. For anyone who just stumbled upon this blog or missed my last entry on the Freegan, you can read more about Freegan in my last post.

When I was back in Kelantan, I stumbled upon a Freegan in my hometown in Pasir Mas. Since it was during a broad daylight, at first I thought the guy is throwing trash into the big trash bin but since he’s taking his time “throwing”, I decided to take a closer look.

Form my observation, instead of throwing something, the guy actually getting something from the big trash bin. I can see he’s digging up some vegetables (notably some cucumbers and cabbages) from the dump site. I took out my trusty old w800i and snapped a picture. I did bring along my DSC-T2 but didn’t use it since I don’t want to look to obvious!

Here’s the picture of the guy doing some Freegan activities. I can’t get a close-up but you can tell from the picture that he’s digging up the trash.


It makes me wonder if the life quality in my hometown has degraded so much since the last time I’m around? Maybe it’s because the cost of living nowadays that made this guy took this kind of life? After all, I doubt he ever knows about the Freegan philosophy. The only thing I think the guy knows is how to survive in today’s world and fed his family as much as he needs to.

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  • i see byk of those here =.=
    mintak2 we dijauhkan dari jadi camtu

    Adilas last blog post..Emo day SHUUUU~

  • d2z

    sony dsc t2..sama lah..hee~ ramai gak ek org korek2 nih..jarang ja nmpk.. 🙄

    d2zs last blog post..Meet the new generation of MacBook

  • huh…kita tgok dr sudut berbeza pula
    budaya masyarakat kita yang sering ‘makan tak abis’
    buang dlm tong…. ( saya paling geram bab ini – terutama dlm majlis rasmi )
    kita tidak langsung menghargai ‘rezeki’ yg dikurniakan…

    bukan kita…orang lain..hehehe

    Kujies last blog post..Saya sudah menggunakan Firefox 3.1 Beta

  • siyesly..???!! kat kelantan.. ade ke freegan ni..?? kat pasir mas eh.. huhuhu.. nanti aku nak try usha kat kuala krai plak.. hehe..

    nikillass last blog post..Filem Budak Kelantan..

  • manalah tahu dia cari benda yg boleh recycle ke… benda dia hilang ke….

    YAN^Ss last blog post..The Right Sign at The Right Place……(Hehehehe)

  • When I was driving around Jakarta last year I cam upon some people picking up left overs from the garbage bin or area and upon asking I found out that those are not for eating but are for selling to those who produce cheap or imitation food such as chili sauce or tomato sauce and these products are sold to street hawkers and therefore, the can afford to sell their food cheaply… since then, I do not simply buy food from any street hawkers in Jakarta or any part of Indonesia anymore. I only buy food from places that are recommended by people.

    As for this guy, I am not sure what he will be using that for. May be you should have followed him further. LOL!

    shaxxs last blog post..What’s Hot? 15-10-2008

  • If looking at his shirt.. he got nice shirt and kain pelikat.. I think he get that for his pets la.. goats ke, rabbit ke,… marmut ke.. sapa tau… x yah susah2 nak beli..

    from my positive view.. sbb aku pon wat camni.. tp bukan sampah org.. sampah sendiri.. masa dulu2 ada bela marmut..

    smaelzs last blog post..Are You Caring Person?

  • hehe ada jugak camni kat malaysia ek. hopefully apa yang dia carik dan makan tuh tayyiba sekali la kan. hehe 🙂

    KNizams last blog post..Maybank2u Berwajah Baru ! “Experience The All-New, All-You M2U Today” ! Hehe 🙂

  • Oh GOSH! Was he looking for scrap metal? 😈

    Jed Yoongs last blog post..Creative Expression, Free Speech, Some Dogs Can’t Take It

  • Hmmm you’ve got this interesting “last blog post” plug in…Maybe I’ll add it… 😉 ❓

    Jed Yoongs last blog post..Creative Expression, Free Speech, Some Dogs Can’t Take It

  • ada freegan kat pasir mas? kualiti hidup masyarakat telah menurun? dah lama saya tak balik kampung. rindunye!

    BeRRiBirus last blog post..Manusia busuk