Funny names for places

It might be a little bit late to post this but here goes.

I went back to KL on the last Monday. I purposely took an extra leave for the day because I want to avoid traffic jams. Usually I love to travel during the night time because it’s cooler during the night instead of having to face the sun shine that might interrupt your driving. There was 4 of us in my Gen 2. My cousin, 2 friends and me as the full time driver.

This time I left from my home a bit early because my cousin’s flight to Miri scheduled on 7 AM on Tuesday morning. So just to be on the safe side, I sacrifice some of my time at home for my cousin ( plus I’m eager to see callister after the raya break ).

There’s nothing much interesting on the journey back but I managed to get some pics for you guys. Nothing much interesting, but this pictures was inspired by Aisyah Rozi’s post on funny names for places. So take a look at the pictures below and let me know what you think. There’s a lot more of funny names but I just manage to get two of them which is Kampung Telekong and Kampung Pek. Kampung Pek is damn famous for it’s signature Mee Kampung Pek! Although I missed some of the best of best names like Kampung Gali Lurus and Kampung Tanah Bercangkul ( it’s nearly night time when I passed the villages), but at least these pictures will show you that the villages do exist!



And not to forget, our dinner for the night !


p/s : I even stopped the car so that my co-driver can take the picture of the Aisyah…a little bit of appreciation please ? :grin: