How to change “Read More” in WordPress

So here I am again with a short tutorial for WordPress users. You may notice that now I have made some modification on the “Read More” sign on my blog. Now it says “Wait…Still not finished…”. So how do I do that? Let me show you how!

1st step : Login to your WP dashboard and go to the theme editor.


After successfully login to your WP dashboard, go to Design > Theme Editor. You should be editing the theme that you’re using at the moment.

2nd step : Select the index file for your page.


The name might be varied, depending on your theme naming but the file usually always index.php

3rd step : Find the line to edit


Don’t worry if you don’t have any expertise in PHP or HTML. It’s fairly simple. In the browser, hit CTRL+F to open the search box and depending on the browser, it may be different. Just find for “read more” and the code may not as you see in the picture above, but you’ll get the picture.

Change “Read More” to anything you like such as “Hey, there is more to read!” or “Still a little more to go!” or anything you like but remember, do not put sentences like “There’s more” or “I’m not over yet” because ‘ sign will break the code.

4th step : Save the file and view your new “Read More” sign.


Save the file you’re editing and you’re done!


This is a simple way to customize your WP page. I’m a newbie in blogging so there’s a lot of things I need to learn. There’s a lot more to come in time hopefully.

Please feel free to comment if you have any problem or there’s something that you want to know. I would love to create the tutorial if there’s any request (subject to my availability too!) :razz:

p/s : this is only for the self-hosted WP, you can’t do this on Don’t say I didn’t warn you !